Kabul airport turns into junkyard of broken vehicles after chaotic Sunday

by Sami Burgaz
People leave their vehicles at Hamid Karzai International Airport, they were damaged later during Sunday’s chaos, stampede.

KABUL (AA) – After the Taliban’s quick takeover of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, on Sunday, which sparked uncertainty and chaos among foreigners leaving the war-torn country, and with thousands of Afghans thronging the airport in the hope of catching planes to flee to western countries, the site has now turned into a junkyard of broken vehicles.

Those wishing to depart the country immediately were made to leave their vehicles at the Hamid Karzai International Airport checkpoint before proceeding to the runway, which had become a mess following gunfire and a stampede.

Dozens of vehicles were destroyed by people who were unable to enter the airport, creating a scene of junkyard scrapped cars parked at the airport security checkpoint.

After taking Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, forcing the president and other top officials to leave the country.

The unexpected takeover triggered a rush to flee Afghanistan, including civilians who assisted foreign soldiers or groups and now fear Taliban retribution.


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