Hamas chief congratulates Taliban on end of US ‘occupation’

Haniyeh said departure of US forces from Afghanistan is prelude to demise of all occupation forces

GAZA CITY, Palestine (AA) – The political chief of Palestinian resistance group Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has congratulated the Taliban movement on the end of the US “occupation” of Afghanistan.

This came in a phone call between Haniyeh and Taliban leader Abdul-Ghani Baradar on Monday.

Haniyeh said the end of the US occupation of Afghanistan “is a prelude to the demise of all occupation forces, foremost of which is the Israeli occupation of Palestine”, according to Hamas’ website.

Baradar, for his part, expressed his gratitude for Haniyeh’s call, wishing Palestine “victory and empowerment as a result of their resistance.”

The Taliban leader called on all countries to support the Palestinian cause.

The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan after capturing the capital Kabul on Sunday, and are in the process of establishing their government that had been removed after US-led foreign forces occupied the war-torn country in 2001.


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