Germany to halt aid to Afghanistan if Taliban seize power

Foreign Minister Maas warns Taliban to stop their offensive to capture new territory across country

BERLIN (AA) – Germany will suspend millions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan if the Taliban seize Kabul and attempt to rule the country alone, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Thursday.

“Every year we are providing €430 million ($505 million), but we will not give another cent to Afghanistan if the Taliban takes over the country,” Maas told public broadcaster ZDF.

He warned the Taliban to stop their offensive to capture new territory across the country, and said Germany and its international partners would not accept an attempt by the Taliban to establish its own regime.

Maas said now much would depend on the outcome of planned negotiations in Qatar between the Afghan government and Taliban representatives.

Violence has escalated across Afghanistan as US-led international forces have nearly completed their withdrawal from the country following a 20-year war.

The Taliban have rapidly captured several smaller administrative districts in recent weeks and are now targeting towns and cities. They have captured nine provincial centers from government forces in six days.


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