Germany suspends deportations to Afghanistan

Interior Ministry temporarily stops deporting rejected asylum seekers, citing worsening security situation in country

BERLIN (AA) – Germany announced on Wednesday that it will temporarily stop deporting rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan due to the deteriorating security situation in the country.

Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter announced the decision on Twitter.

“Due to the current developments with regards to the security situation, the Federal Minister of the Interior has decided to suspend deportations to Afghanistan for the time being,” he said.

The conflict between the Afghan government and Taliban has intensified in recent weeks as NATO and foreign troops have started withdrawing from the country.

After taking control of around 200 rural districts, the Taliban launched assaults on major cities, marching on Herat, Kandahar, Taluqan, and Lashkargah, causing panic and concern among millions of civilians.

The number of provincial centers that Afghan government forces lost control against Taliban over the last six days rose to nine on Wednesday.


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