France allegedly abandons former Afghan staffers

Paris left almost 80 Afghans to their fate as Taliban seized power, says head of association of former auxiliaries of French Army

PARIS (AA) – As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, France allegedly left nearly 80 Afghans who once worked for its army in the lurch.

Adel Abdul Raziq, head of the Association of Former Auxiliaries of the French Army, told Franceinfo that the French military had abandoned its former Afghan employees.

“Since the Taliban returned to (the capital) Kabul, the Afghan auxiliaries of the French army have been anxious, waiting in their homes with their doors locked, and want to save their families and their lives,” he said.

He added that nearly 80 Afghan staffers for the French army are awaiting visas.

Abdul Raziq called on France to step in for former Afghan staffers waiting for visas.

According to a report by news outlet France Inter, Muhammed Ajan, a former Afghan staffer of the army, said that he was waiting at home in Kabul with his wife and two children.

Saying that he worked as a translator for the army in 2011-2012, Ajan added that all five of their visa requests were denied.

Afghans who worked for Western powers, media, and organizations say they fear retribution by the Taliban, though the group has denied any plans to take revenge.

After capturing Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban are in the process of establishing their government, which was removed after US-led foreign forces occupied Afghanistan in 2001.


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