Colombia to temporarily host Afghans headed to US

Number of migrants, how long Colombia will host remain unclear.

ANKARA (AA) – Colombia said Friday that it will temporarily host Afghan migrants making their way to the US.

“We want to inform that we join the group of countries that support the United States so that nationals of Afghanistan, who have provided help to the United States for years and who are in the process of registering and migrating to that country, can be in Colombia temporarily,” President Ivan Duque said on Twitter.

He said the process will be carried out in coordination with US Ambassador to Bogota Philip S. Goldberg and that Colombia will cover all costs of care and handling processes needed for transiting to the US.

“We do this to support the US government with a sense of solidarity and reciprocity for the support they have always given to Colombia and also, because we are united by the protection of human rights, of women and, of course, being with our allies when they need us,” he added.

Duque did not, however, give details on the number of Afghans that Colombia would take and how long the country will host.


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