Americans support Afghanistan withdrawal, but not handling: poll

US President Joe Biden’s overall job approval dips in to negative for first time amid Afghanistan blowback

WASHINGTON (AA) – The vast majority of Americans support the completed withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, but not its execution, according to a poll published on Friday.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates some 77% of Americans support the US pullout, with a greater share of Democrats than Republicans in favor — 88% to 74%. Still, 52% said they supported the withdrawal, but not Biden’s execution of it, compared to just 26% who support the US exit and Biden’s implementation.

The poll further found that Biden’s approval rating has, for the first time, dipped into the negative with just 44% saying he is doing a good job overall. Roughly 51% disapprove of his performance.

Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has contributed to the record-low approval rating, according to the Post, which found Biden has taken a significant blow among independents with 57% saying they now disapprove of his performance.

Approval among Democrats also took a hit, falling from 94% in June to 86% now. Republicans have consistently opposed his presidency from June with disapproval rising one point from June to 89%.

Biden has taken criticism for the deaths of 13 US service members who died in a dual suicide bombing near Kabul’s international airport claimed by ISIS’ Afghanistan affiliate. The majority of respondents — 53% — agree that Biden shares a “great deal” or a “good amount” of blame for the attack. Forty-three percent say Biden does not bear much or any blame.

Biden has remained steadfast in his decision to leave Afghanistan, maintaining that the chaotic effort would have taken place regardless of when it was executed while emphasizing that he would not hand the war on to a successor or risk becoming entangled in renewed hostilities with the Taliban.

He and his top officials have also sought to cast blame on former US President Donald Trump who negotiated the withdrawal deal directly with the Taliban in 2020.


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