Afghans in transit to US arrive in Albania

Asylum seekers including infants, children welcomed by foreign minister at Tirana airport

SARAJEVO, Bosnia, and Herzegovina (AA) – A plane carrying 121 people evacuated from Afghanistan and in transit to the US arrived in Albania’s capital Tirana on Friday, the Foreign Ministry said.

In a statement, it said the passengers include infants and children, who were admitted to a temporary reception center in the military zone of Tirana International Airport after medical examination and registration.

The Afghans were welcomed by Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka and US ambassador Tirana Yuri Kim, among others.

Xhacka said Albania will accommodate about 4,000 Afghans while their requests for immigration to the US are being processed.

The first group of Afghans will be accommodated in hotels in Durres city, while the rest, who are expected in the coming days, will be temporarily accommodated in student dormitories in Tirana.

Albania has accepted a request from Washington to temporarily take in Afghan refugees seeking visas to enter the US.

Prime Minister Edi Rama had said they will shelter some Afghans who worked with NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Thousands of Afghans are seeking to flee the country since Taliban took power in Afghanistan earlier this month. The US-led evacuations from Kabul airport – to be completed by Aug. 31 – entered final stage following devastating twin bomb attacks on Thursday.


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