Afghanistan is home for all, Taliban assure minorities

Leaders of Hindu, Sikh communities meet interim deputy premier, seek return of usurped lands.

ISTANBUL (AA) – The interim Taliban government on Thursday assured minority communities in Afghanistan that the country is a “common home for all.”

“Afghanistan is a common home of all Afghans. All ethnic groups and citizens of the country have the right to live in security and to contribute to the development of the country,” Abdul Kabir, a deputy prime minister in the Taliban administration, said in a meeting with representatives of the Hindu and Sikh communities.

Leaders of the Council of Hindus and Sikhs said they have always had a share in the development of the country and want to continue playing a constructive role in its future, Inamullah Samangani, a Taliban deputy spokesperson, said in a statement.

They expressed confidence in the security situation of the war-torn country, he added.

According to the spokesperson, the Hindu and Sikh community leaders demanded efforts for the return of “their usurped lands.”

Kabir assured them that the Taliban will protect every group in the country and “does not discriminate with any citizen of Afghanistan.”

“The Islamic Emirate has brought security for all and our policy is for everyone, including minorities, to live in prosperity and peace,” the statement added.


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