Afghan central bank head slams President Ghani over turmoil

by Sami Burgaz
‘Once president’s departure was announced, I knew within minutes chaos would follow’.

ANKARA (AA) – The chief of Afghanistan’s Central Bank has fled his country once the Taliban gained control of capital Kabul, and he accuses President Ashraf Ghani of not holding any preparations and the chaos that abruptly unfolded.

Ajmal Ahmady said in his Twitter account that the collapse of the Afghan government was swift and total, adding it was also disorienting and hard to comprehend.

“Once president’s departure was announced, I knew within minutes chaos would follow,” he said. “I cannot forgive him for creating that without a transition plan.”

The Afghan official went on to say that some of Ghani’s advisors were inexperienced in their roles, and it was the president’s failure that he never recognized such weaknesses.

“He himself had great ideas but poor execution. If I contributed to that, I take my share of the blame,” he said, referring to the president.

“Seems difficult to believe, but there remains a suspicion as to why ANSF (Afghan National Security Force) left posts so quickly. There is something left unexplained,” he said.

He further noted that he bought a ticket upon learning many government officials were leaving the country already, and his first flight was canceled but he eventually boarded a military plane.

“It did not have to end this way,” he said.

He continued: “I am disgusted by the lack of any planning by Afghan leadership. Saw at airport leave without informing others.”

Taliban gaining control over Afghanistan

As part of a peace deal reached in February 2020 between the US and the Taliban, the international forces have begun their withdrawal process this year.

While the agreement mandated that the Taliban not target foreign forces, there was no provision regarding its action towards the Afghan security forces.

While keeping negotiations with the government going in Qatar’s Doha, the Taliban has intensified its attacks since June, taking control of many districts and province centers in the past month.

The Taliban took capital Kabul, which was already besieged, under its control on Aug. 15 when president Ghani fled Afghanistan.


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