A delegation from Afghanistan visited Islamabad

A delegation from Afghanistan visited Islamabad in connection with the reported complaint of daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan of 16 July 2021. During the visit, the delegation met with the officials of law-enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The delegation was given a comprehensive briefing on all aspects of investigation conducted by the relevant Pakistani authorities in the reported incident. They were also taken to the Safe City Office, Islamabad, where they were shown several video footages from various locations of different timings in which the complainant was clearly identifiable moving around the places independently. An on-site visit of all the locations visited by the complainant was arranged for the delegation, followed by presentation of technical data (findings of mobile forensic/geo fencing) as well.

The delegation was conveyed that law-enforcement agencies had carried out detailed and thorough investigation in the complaint and a comprehensive witness account led to the conclusion that the findings on the ground did not corroborate the report by the complainant. This was further substantiated by the technical evidence.

On certain aspects of the case, the relevant Pakistani authorities reiterated the earlier request for provision of additional information, and access to evidence and the complainant.

The delegation was also informed of the measures taken for enhanced security of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad and its Consulates.

Pakistan attaches high importance to its relations with Afghanistan. At this critical juncture in the Afghan peace process, it is extremely important to work jointly for the shared objective of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan. Pakistan hopes that the Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad would soon resume its normal operations.


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