Slovenia’s parliament approves new center-left government


90-seat National Assembly approves Robert Golob as prime minister by 54-30 vote.

Slovenia’s parliament approved a new center-left government Wednesday under Prime Minister Robert Golob.

Golob, a former executive of a state-owned energy company, was elected the country’s new prime minister by a 54-30 vote.

The government, consisting of 18 ministers, was officially determined in the hour-long session with 53 deputies voting in favor and 28 voting against in the 90-seat National Assembly.

Slovenia’s liberal opposition party led by political newcomer Golob declared victory in general elections on April 24.

Golob’s Freedom Movement won 33.55% of the vote with 81.23% of the votes counted.

The 55-year-old electrical engineer’s closest rival, the ruling Slovenian Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Janez Jansa, won 24.6% among 20 parties in the race.

The small Balkan nation of 2.1 million people has nearly 1.7 million registered voters.



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