Serbian Constitutional Court stops Kosovo from joining ACCF


The Serbian Constitutional Court said on Thursday that it prevented another attempt by the Kosovo authorities to win membership in an international organization.

A statement said that the Kosovo Constitutional Court requested membership in the Association of Francophone Constitutional Courts (ACCF) at the organization’s General Assembly in Dakar on May 30-June 1.

It said that Serbian Constitutional Court officials voiced the reasons why Kosovo should not be addmitted to the ACCF and added that Serbian officials “were guided solely by rule of law principles, objective legal criteria and the principles of international law included in the UN Charter, not the political views of certain states”.

“The Constitutional Court won the support of a majority of representatives of constitutional courts for its legal arguments and the stand that the request of the so-called Constitutional Court of Kosovo for membership in the ACCF should not be accepted,” the statement said.

Belgrade has repeatedly blocked Kosovo’s requests for membership in international organizations.



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