North Korea warns of fiercer response to US joint drills with allies


North Korea’s Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui warned that Pyongyang will take a “fiercer” military action against the United States in case Washington continues with “the strengthening of the extended deterrence to its regional allies,” noting that the continual military drills between the three nations bring greater instability to the Peninsula, APA reports citing Teletrader.

“I am aware that the US, Japan, and South Korea held a three-way summit a few days ago […]” North Korea’s foreign minister said, adding that Pyongyang’s response “will come as a more severe, realistic and inevitable threat” to the US and its allies, as “Washington will get to realize that it is taking a gamble that it would regret.”

“In any case, this three-party mock board will have the effect of driving the situation on the Korean peninsula into a more unpredictable phase,” she stressed following the joint statement by Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo in which the three countries pledged to bolster deterrence against North Korea.


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