NATO’s Stoltenberg says conditions for peace in Ukraine ‘not there now’


The conditions for a peaceful settlement to the war in Ukraine are “not there now”, Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has said, and Kyiv’s western allies must continue to provide weapons to Ukraine, Report informs referring to Financial Times.

Stoltenberg said that, while it was likely the conflict would enter a quieter phase over the winter, both sides would seek to regroup and rearm their forces, and so Nato countries should keep providing support to Ukraine.

“The conditions [for a diplomatic solution] are not there now,” Stoltenberg said at the FT’s Global Boardroom event on December 7, adding that Russia had shown no sign of desiring a peaceful end to the war. “The more we want a peaceful solution, the more urgent it is that we provide military support to Ukraine.”

“Russia is trying to freeze” the conflict, Stoltenberg said, ahead of “launching a bigger offensive in the spring”.

“Now Ukraine has momentum,” Stoltenberg said, adding that Nato capitals are “considering constantly what [weapons] systems we want to deliver” to Kyiv.


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