If Russian oil is halted and Bosphorus is closed, Bulgaria can hold out for 6 months: Finance Minister Assen Vassilev


The European Commission will afford Bulgaria an opportunity to continue with the Russian oil deliveries but, at the same time, ways will be sought to diversify imports.

In the words of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev, the Bulgarian economy can hold out for up to 6 months if Russia halts the oil, and if the Bosphorus is closed. During question time in parliament, he pointed out there existed buffers in the budget which can be used for a swift reaction in the event of such a scenario. According to Assen Vassilev, it is in Bulgaria’s national interest that the country obtain a derogation from the oil sanctions on the one hand, and on the other, that it gradually diversify oil suppliers. The construction is envisaged of a motorway, railway and oil pipelines Alexandroupolis-Burgas-Varna-Constanța. As to the company Luikoil Neftohim, Assen Vassilev stated it cannot be nationalized as, legally it is not Russian, but Swiss and is not on the sanctions list. 



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