British and International Experts Discuss Water Issues in Green Hydrogen Production As Part of UK-Kazakhstan Dialogue


The UK-Kazakhstan workshop on water resources for green hydrogen production was held at the Astana International Financial Center on March 9, where UK, Kazakh and international experts were brought together to discuss possible ways for Kazakhstan to meet this challenge. 

The event’s agenda included discussions about managing water resources for hydrogen production, water security issues, and UK experience in water management. 

It was generally agreed that more data and research were needed around the current and future situation of water resources in Kazakhstan for hydrogen production, particularly in western Kazakhstan. 

Participants proposed the creation of a working group of international experts to monitor the Caspian Sea, and advocated for increased cooperation between scientists and Water Basin Councils. Increasing public awareness was also key, and has been important in the ongoing development of a new water code for Kazakhstan. Desalination and wastewater processes were suggested as potential ways to access water for proposed projects in Mangystau, whilst making sure to protect the Caspian Sea.

In her opening remarks, British Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kathy Leach noted that water resources and energy transition issues are essential for Kazakhstan. She said that British experts would share their best practice and knowledge on many topics with Kazakh stakeholders. 

The British government is working with Kazakhstan on green hydrogen-related topics. In January, the first UK-Kazakhstan meeting dedicated to low-carbon hydrogen revealed that water resources management for green hydrogen production in Kazakhstan is vital.

The Astana Times


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