The future trilateral meeting of Chinese Russian and Mongolian leaders

The presidents of China, Russia and Mongolia will pledge to strengthen trilateral cooperation during their future meeting. They wıll review the achievements of trilateral cooperation and discuss priority tasks and directions for the next phase.

Chinese, Russian President and Mongolian Leaders will meet in this June. The trilateral meeting will have a postive effect.

Since the heads of state of China, Russia and Mongolia held their first meeting more than three years ago, the three countries have centered on aligning China’s Belt and Road Initiative with Russia’s development strategies, especially its transcontinental rail plan, and Mongolia’s “development path” initiative, deepened cooperation and yielded results.

The three countries are neighbors and traditional strategic partners to each other, and enjoy natural advantages and a good foundation for cooperation.

As the economic globalization and regional economic integration deepen, the three countries jointly pursue integrated, win-win development and set an example of cooperation among neighboring countries.

For the next phase, scholars argue that the three sides will deep political mutual trust and strategic coordination, enhance mutual support, respect the core interests of each other, take into consideration each other’s major concerns, strengthen coordination and cooperation in regional and international affairs, and steer the course of trilateral cooperation politically.

The Chinese side says that the three countries will push the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, actively explore cooperation in areas such as infrastructure interconnectivity, and promote sub-regional cooperation in adjacent areas of the three countries. The cooperation and coordination within the framework of the SCO will be expanded by all states according to Chinese prognosis.

In addition the level of Mongolia’s ties with the SCO will be lifted and Mongolia is welcome to participate in SCO cooperation in a more in-depth way.

Russia scholars write that the copperation of the trilateral cooperation in transport, infrastructure, customs and tourism, and facilitate trade and personnel exchanges are an essential factor. Mongolian government states that it is Mongolia’s top priority to develop friendly cooperation with the two permanent neighbors of China and Russia.

Mongolia stands ready to work with China and Russia to implement trilateral cooperation consensus and launch the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor construction as early as possible, while promoting cooperation in sectors such as infrastructure and energy transportation.

But Mongolia has been greatly affected by China’s economic slowdown.

Surpassing the US as the world’s largest trading nation in 2019, the impact of China’s economic slowdown has been felt all over the world, proving particularly challenging for a number of low-income and lower-middle-income economies, including Mongolia, that have depended on exports to China.

The diplomats from three sides have already agreed that they will deep political mutual trust, increase mutual support, respect each other’s core interests, and strengthen coordination and cooperation in international and regional Affairs.

The Chinese government argues that the three countries promote the implementation of cooperative projects within the framework of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor, promote customs facilitation measures, upgrade major ports, and deepen sub-national cooperation.

Moreover, Russia is committed to deepening its relations with China and Mongolia on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and is ready to step up cooperation to promote the synergy between the Eurasian Economic Union, the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, and Mongolia’s Steppe Road program.

Thus, Russians also will call on the three parties to enhance inter-connectivity in transportation, expand trade, and bolster cooperation in energy and finance.

Furthemore, Mongolia’s unswerving policy to deepen the friendly cooperation with China and Russia, adding that their country is committed to pushing forward the trilateral cooperation and the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor.

In addition, Russia calls on the three sides to set up institutional arrangements so as to accelerate the construction of a network of cross-border highways, facilitate customs clearance, strengthen energy cooperation, and discuss the construction of regional power grids.

Finally, Mongolia took part in the Japan-USA-Mongolia Trilateral Dialogue, which was established in 2013 on the occasion of Mongolian Prime Minister Norovyn Altanhuyag’s visit to Japan. The Strategic Partnership Declaration was signed between Mongolia and the USA on 31 July 2019. This confirms that the Ulan Bator administration wants to pursue a balanced foreign policy.


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