Chinese special envoy’s second round of shuttle diplomacy aims to promote peace talks


China’s Special Representative on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui is currently engaged in a second round of shuttle mediation between Russia, Ukraine and other European countries in an effort to build consensus on a political resolution for the Ukraine crisis, which demonstrates China’s sense of responsibility in the region, analysts said.

In the past week and more, Li visited Russia, the EU headquarters, Poland, Ukraine and Germany, and he is now in France. During this round of shuttle diplomacy, Li held talks with various parties and officials from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland to pass on messages, build up consensus and exchange in-depth views on a ceasefire and a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at the press conference on Monday.

The parties appreciated China’s mediation efforts, Wang said, noting that China follows an objective and impartial position and has actively promoted talks for peace. “We support the holding in due course of an international peace conference that is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine and ensures the equal participation of all parties and fair discussions on all peace plans. China will continue to play a constructive role for a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis,” Wang said.


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