Uzbekistan to pay Kyrgyzstan $280,000 dollars for water


In 2023, Uzbekistan paid $240,000 to Kyrgyzstan for water. It was reported that it will pay $280,000 this year.

Almazbek Sokeyev, director of the Kyrgyz Water Resources Service, told about what the country receives in exchange for supplying water to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

“Kazakhstan allocates funds every year. But it does not transfer it to us, but does the work. For example, it repairs facilities used interstate. They replaced the dam at the Kirov Reservoir, which required a lot of money. It spends 179 million tenge (401.8 thousand dollars) on the repairs carried out every year,” Sokeyev said.

According to him, negotiations are currently underway with Kazakhstan on the allocation of funds necessary for the maintenance of facilities.

“Because we repair with our own strength, we don’t have contractors,” Sokeyev said.

He said that Uzbekistan is paying for water.

“Uzbekistan is paying. They are increasing their allocation every year. In 2023, it was $240,000. This year it will be $280,000. And in 2025 it will be even more. They increase, that is, the allocated funds are increasing every year,” he said.


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