Uzbek MPs paid less than their foreign peers


The salaries of MPs of the Central Asian countries and a number of other countries were compared. The lowest pay was that of an Uzbek MP.

Among the countries of Central Asia, the Kazakhstan MPs get the biggest cheque , while their Uzbek peers get the lowest, ASIA-Plus’ study said.

Reportedly, the pay of Kazakh MPs is 2,050 US dollars (23.8 million soums), MPs of Tajikistan get 688 dollars (8 million soums), and MPs of Kyrgyzstan – 500 dollars (5.8 million soums). In last place are the MPs of Uzbekistan with a salary of $380 (4.4 million soums), with no data on Turkmen MPs provided. MPs’ salaries were also compared with the minimum wage. It is noted that the salary of Kyrgyz MPs is 30 times higher than the minimum salary in the country. MPs from Kazakhstan earn 25 times more, and MPs from Tajikistan – 12.5 times.

If we take into account that the minimum wage in Uzbekistan is 980 thousand soums, it turns out that the salary of an Uzbek MP is almost 4.5 times higher.

According to additional information provided by the source, Belarusian MPs salary of $950 (11 million soums), UK MPs – $5,950 (69 million soums), Russian MPs – $6,850 (79 million soums), MEPs – $7,500 (87 million soums).

The Tashkent Times


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