Uzbek Fat & Oil Association and Indonesia Palm Oil Association sign MoU


On September 14, 2023, at the Tashkent International Hotel in Uzbekistan, the Indonesia Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) and the Uzbekistan’s Fat & Oil Association/Assotsiasiya “Uzyog’moysanoat” signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish cooperation in the field of exchange of expertise in the production and processing of vegetable oils.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Eddy Martono, General Chair of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), and Mr. Oybek Zuparov, Uzbekistan’s Fat & Oil Association/Assotsiya “Uzyog’moysanoat”, in the presence of H.E. Sunaryo Kartadinata, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world, producing approximately 50 million tons annually, of which approximately 20 million tons are consumed domestically, and 30 million tons are exported. Palm oil has been utilized for a variety of applications, including food (e.g., cooking oil, margarine), oleochemicals (e.g., soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo), and biodiesel.

In addition to being the largest contributor to foreign exchange, the palm oil industry in Indonesia employs over 16 million individuals. Currently, Indonesia exports palm products to more than 150 countries, including to Central Asia, where they are utilized in a variety of industries and products. Indonesia has instituted sustainability standards for palm oil cultivation, known as ISPO – a requirement for palm oil plantation business actors.

As one of Central Asia’s leading producers and users of vegetable oil, Uzbekistan has the potential to become a regional hub for vegetable oil production and management. It is envisaged that through the MoU, Uzbekistan can boost its domestic production by utilizing Indonesian knowledge, technology, and best practices in the field of palm oil processing. In addition to aforementioned point, it is anticipated that this MoU will enhance the bilateral trade volume between the two nations.

The Tashkent Times


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