Turkic countries must join efforts to deter threats to sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and sustainable development, says Foreign Minister Norov


Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov today addressed the Foreign Ministers Council meeting of the Organization of Turkic States in Samarkand.

According to the Tashkent Times in his opening remarks he said that the summit was taking place in the backdrop of growing geopolitical tensions. “The growing tensions for a new world order is causing deep divisions on a global scale, creating many threats to the stability, security and further development of our countries and the region,” said Vladimir Norov.

He noted that in this difficult international situation, the Organization of Turkic States was entering a new, more responsible stage of its development. “Therefore, it is very important for us to demonstrate our unity, solidarity and joint efforts to achieve the strategic goals and objectives set before us,” he added.

“First of all, we need to strengthen and expand our multilateral ties and enhance our joint capabilities to deter threats to sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and sustainable development based on a firm commitment to the principles of openness, equality and mutual respect,” he stressed.

Vladimir Norov noted that the volume of trade between the countries of the organization is less than 3% ($21 billion) of the total international trade of $970 billion of member states.

To increase this figure by several times, according to him, it is necessary to:

  • consistently reduce tariff restrictions and other barriers to the expansion of trade and economic relations, active introduction of innovations and digital solutions in trade;
  • active support of investment, financial and infrastructure cooperation, encouragement of joint projects.

He underscored that on the eve, following the meeting of the ministers of economic cooperation of the countries of the organization, the Strategy for Facilitating Trade between the member states of the organization was approved, an agreement was signed on the formation of a simplified customs corridor. “The achievement of an agreement on the establishment of the Turkic Investment Fund is also a great achievement,” the Foreign Minister said.

Vladimir Norov announced the signing of important documents in the field of transport cooperation – an agreement on international multimodal transport of goods and a program of cooperation in the field of transport.

“The new geo-economic situation emerging in Eurasia opens up very favorable prospects for us to turn our region, which connects the strategic corridors of Eurasia, into a powerful transport and logistics link in the global value chain,” the Foreign Minister said.

“The main goal is to create a single transport space that will firmly connect our land and sea ports with world markets. Together we will be able to turn the Trans-Caspian Corridor into a platform for the future integration of the organization’s countries into a single transport system,” Vladimir Norov emphasized.

The implementation of a set of joint measures aimed at increasing the possibility of cargo transportation, reducing time and cost, digitalizing the transport and logistics system of this route, as well as harmonizing and synchronizing customs and transport legislation, will bring the countries of the organization closer to this strategic goal, the Foreign Minister added


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