The fourth session of the conference “In Search of Integration in the Shadow of the Global Struggle for Power and the Turkic World” is going online


The fourth session of the conference on the topic “In Search of Integration in the Shadow of the Global Power Struggle and the Turkic World”, organized by the Ankara Center for Crisis Situations and Politics Research (ANKASAM), is going online.

The program of the fourth session, which is dedicated to the topic “Turkish World and Regional-Global Actors”, includes the next speakers and topics:

Moderator: Dr. Cenk Pala – Energy Adviser of ANKASAM

  • Uzbekistan-Zabikhulla Saipov
    University of World Economy and Diplomacy
    “Evolution of Washington’s Strategic Goals in the Countries of Central Asia”
  • United States of America-Assist. Prof. Andreea Stoian Karadeli
    University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
    “The Importance of Eurasian Geopolitics and the Turkic World in the Global
    Power Struggle”
  • Pakistan-Dr. Rabia Akhtar
    Director Centre for Security, Strategy and Policy Research
    “Expectations and Approaches of Regional and Global Actors”
  • United States of America-Ajmal Qureshi
    Harvard University
    “Belt-Road Initiative and Creation of New Trade Routes”
  • United States of America-Assoc. Prof. Matthew Zierler
    Michigan State University
    “Can Small States Balance Power or Must They Hedge? The Case of Azerbaijan”

We remind you that the conference is divided into five sessions and broadcast live on the ANKASAM YouTube channel.

The online conference, which is organized under the coordination and responsibility of ANKASAM, brings together 42 participants from 16 countries, consisting of valuable and experienced academicians, experts, journalists and retired diplomats who are experts in the subject.


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