Russian Embassy: “US bars Russia from International Grains Council meeting”


The US authorities denied Russian diplomats the possibility of participating in the 59th Session of the International Grains Council in New Orleans, the Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement.

“We would once again like to draw the attention of the public and the media to the destructive practices of the US authorities in restricting official travel of the Russian Embassy within the territory of the United States,” the Russian diplomatic mission said. “The number of State Department refusals to properly completed notification requests for official trips outside D.C. is constantly growing. Moreover, officials do not bother to explain the reasons for their decisions. Bureaucrats seem to consider it beneath their dignity to talk to us.”

“Another fragrant case happened recently – the ban on the participation of our diplomats in the meeting of the International Grains Council on January 24 in New Orleans. With such an act, the United States clearly demonstrated that it is ready to violate its obligations as the host country of multilateral meetings,” the embassy added.


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