Mr. Emomali Rahmon highlights progress and shortcomings in Tajikistan’s energy sector


The President of Tajikistan, Mr. Emomali Rahmon, expressed concern about significant electricity losses and the payment situation during a government meeting. This was publicised by the President’s press service.

The President recognised the significant achievements in the energy sector, but noted that electricity losses are a factor of concern.

In this regard, special instructions were given to the government, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Barki Tojik joint stock companies, Electricity Distribution Networks and local executive bodies of state power.

President Mr. Emomali Rahmon also gave special instructions on the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, including the commissioning of solar power plants.

During the meeting, special attention was paid to the need to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the economic and social sectors of the country, rational use of resources and proper distribution of electricity and water, especially in the winter and spring periods.


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