“Manas Week” activities started in Bursa, the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World 


The “Manas Week” activities, organized with the support of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan within the scope of the 4th World Nomad Games, started in Bursa.

In his speech at the opening ceremony at Merinos Park, Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador to Ankara Kubanicbek Ömuraliyev emphasized that the Epic of Manas is a heroic epic that has been performed orally for centuries and has become the spiritual support and source of inspiration for the Kyrgyz people.

Stating that Manas is different from the world-famous epics not only in terms of its length, but also in terms of the depth and originality of its artistic content, Ömuraliyev said, “The epic not only reflects the lives of the Kyrgyz or other Turkish peoples, but lived side by side in the past and has ethno-cultural, economic and It also contains interesting information about the history, culture and geography of foreign nations and countries that have had diplomatic relations.” said.

In the program, which continued with Kyrgyz artists reading sections from the famous Epic of Manas and performances by folk dance teams, the longest Manas reading attempt for the Guinness Book of Records, which would last 8 days, was also started.

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