Kyrgyzstan exports electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


Kyrgyzstan exports electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the press service of Electric Stations OJSC said.

“Now the Kyrgyz power system performs within the framework of its agreements to supply electricity to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, for the electricity received from them in winter. Meanwhile, no restrictions related to commodity exchange are introduced for domestic consumers,” the report said.

Electric Stations OJSC emphasized that during the last autumn-winter heating period, Uzbekistan supplied 501.4 million kWh of electricity to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan 440 million kWh of electricity, which had a significant positive impact on the passage of the winter peak loads.

As of July 18, the volume of water in Toktogul reservoir is 12 billion 699 million cubic meters. meters, it is 1 billion 175 million cubic meters more than last year’s mark. The inflow forecast for July 2022 is expected to be 794 cubic meters per second.



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