Big Uzbek cities to be added to EU green coverings system


During the visit to Switzerland, the Minister of Natural Resources of Uzbekistan Aziz Abduhakimov held talks with the Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)/UN Deputy Secretary General, O. Algaerova, the Director of the Environment Division of UNECE, M. Keiner, the ECE Regional Advisor, S. Radnaaragchaa and with Secretary to the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution A. Karadjova.

Agreement was reached on the revision by international experts of the ECE of legal documents on attracting green investors, in particular, to the system of calculating waste and carbon emissions, and optimizing the public-private partnership system for local business entities based on international standards and principles.

Taking into account the high level of air pollution in cities, it was agreed with the Secretary of the Air Convention to develop a plan of measures to improve air quality based on international methodology, legal instruments and best practices during the period of ratification and accession to the Convention.

It was agreed to integrate the statistics of trees planted within the framework of “Green Space” into the “Trees in Cities” initiative of the ECE and to include large cities of Uzbekistan in the system of green coverings as in the European cities.

The Tashkent times


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