Special naval forces of Turkey, Azerbaijan continue joint training exercises

Combat live fire exercises to plan operations, neutralize imaginary enemy conducted: Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

ANKARA (AA) – Special naval forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan are continuing with joint training exercises, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

The exercises have “participation of underwater offence and underwater defense groups,” a statement by the ministry read.

It said that the personnel carried out “combat live fire exercises to plan operations, neutralize the imaginary enemy and sabotage group, and destroy their temporary base.”

“During the exercises with the involvement of boats, the targets of the imaginary enemy were destroyed and the tasks were successfully fulfilled,” the readout said.

While the Underwater Offence (Su Altı Taarruz, or SAT) and Underwater Defense (Su Altı Savunma, or SAS) are special naval warfare units of the Turkish Armed Forces; Azerbaijan’s special naval warfare unit was established in 2001 with the cooperation of Turkish Navy.



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