Russia reserves right to further efforts in Nord Stream investigation — UN mission


Russia reserves the right to resume efforts on the international investigation of the sabotage at Nord Stream pipelines, First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky told reporters.

“There was absolutely no transparency [in the investigation] for Russia. And they [Denmark and Sweden – TASS] rejected absolutely any attempts to establish bilateral cooperation with Russia,” the diplomat said. “We reserve the right to resume efforts on international investigation of the sabotage at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines and put relevant proposals forward,” he stressed.

“One of the strings is still active so it can be used in theory for gas supplies to Europe, if the countries want it,” Polyansky noted. “I will repeat myself, we need to understand who did it and how. I assume this [the recovery work – TASS] may jeopardize investigation efforts if they start right now. But I can make a mistake, I am not a professional in these issues,” he added.

Investigation findings of Sweden and Denmark were not satisfactory, the diplomat said. “I would say this is mockery of international efforts,” Polyansky added. “It seems absolutely evident now that the only goal of investigations by Denmark, Sweden and Germany is to gain time and complicate international efforts of calling to responsibility for sabotage acts,” the diplomat stressed.



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