Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry announces number of mines found in liberated territories 


As a result of the activities carried out in the liberated territories by the Azerbaijan Army’s Engineering Troops’ units and subunits, up to 610 hectares of land were completely cleared of mines during July of the current year, Report informs, citing the Ministry of Defense.

Some 32,285 hectares of land have been cleared of mines and unexploded ammunition by the Azerbaijan Army’s engineer-sapper units in the liberated territories to date. In total, 10,207 anti-personnel mines, 2,580 anti-tank mines, and 10,447 unexploded ammunition were detected and neutralized.

In addition, as a result of the work carried out by the Azerbaijani Army’s Engineering Troops and other state bodies, new supply roads have been laid. During July of the current year, more than 70 km of existing supply roads were improved and restored.

The main efforts are aimed at demining settlements, sowing plots, roads, and infrastructure facilities in the liberated territories.

Necessary measures for engineering support are underway in the mentioned territories in accordance with the plan.



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