The Bulgarian parliament is discussing a vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian government


The Bulgarian parliament has convened an extraordinary session to discuss the vote of no confidence in the government of Kiril Petkov requested by the former ruling GERB-SDS party. 

The motive of the second largest political force in the opposition is a failure in the financial and economic policy of the cabinet. 

So far, support for the vote has been expressed by other opposition parties – the MRF and Vazrazhdane, as well as the ruling coalition partner until recently – “There is such a people” (ITN party). 

The vote is expected to take place on June 22, but no earlier than 24 hours after the end of discussions today. If the vote succeeds, a new attempt should be made to form a government, within the current National Assembly, with a mandate of the largest parliamentary force – “We continue the change”.



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