Montenegro parliament rejects president’s request to dissolve parliament


Lawmakers in Montenegro unanimously rejected President Milo Djukanovic’s request Friday to dissolve parliament.

They rejected Djukanovic’s request by rejecting a discussion of the dissolution of parliament in a session by a majority of votes.

In the 81-seat parliament, 41 deputies who attended the session opposed the discussion, while 39 gave a positive opinion.

Djukanovic later reiterated that he refused to give the task of forming a government to Miodrag Lekic because he did not fulfill the necessary conditions.

“According to the Constitution, the task of forming the government within 30 days should have been given to someone. This deadline expires today,” said Djukanovic.

He added that the formation of a new government is in the interests of parties in parliament.

“As an acceptable name was not presented within the specified period. I suggested that the current parliament be dissolved,” he added.

In Montenegro, the smallest country in the Western Balkans, pro-Serbian parties gave Lekic’s name to Djukanovic after the government, led by Dritan Abazovic, failed to receive a vote of confidence on Aug. 20.

Djukanovic refused to give the task of forming the government to Lekic, demanding the dissolution of parliament and an election.



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