Demonstration in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Citizens gathered in front of the Ofiice for High Representative (OHR) building to protest against the announced decision of High Representative Schmidt to amend the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the invitation of several political parties, a peaceful protest is being held in Sarajevo in front of the Office of the High Representative of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR).

Several thousand citizens gathered at the protest to send a message that solutions based on ethnic discrimination, solutions contrary to all democratic and legal standards, are completely unacceptable.

Numerous political parties joined the call, first the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDP) and the Democratic Front (DF), then the Democratic Action Movement (PDA), Our Party, as well as the Democratic Action Party (SDA), Narod i Pravda (NiP). and others whose leaders are attending tonight’s protest in front of the OHR.

-Sarajevo Times


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