Desperate Afghans continue to wait in front of Kabul airport to leave country

by Sami Burgaz

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – AUGUST 24: Afghans on Tuesday, Aug. 24, continued to gather near the entrances of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, hoping to get out of the war-torn country.

After the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, some countries have been evacuating their citizens, diplomats, and some Afghans who worked with Western forces.

Afghans, who are afraid of the rapid power change and instability in the country and do not feel safe, have been waiting desperately in front of the airport to be evacuated.

Taliban gain control over Afghanistan

As part of a peace deal reached in February 2020 between the US and the Taliban, international forces began their withdrawal process from Afghanistan this year.

The agreement mandated that the Taliban not target foreign forces, but there was no provision regarding its actions towards Afghan security forces.

While maintaining negotiations with the government in the Qatari capital Doha, the Taliban intensified its attacks since June, taking control of many districts and provincial centers.

The group took the capital Kabul, which was already besieged, under its control on Sunday when President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan.


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