Foreign and defence ministers of Japan and US to hold meeting in Washington


US and Japanese foreign affairs and defense ministers will hold meetings in Washington on January 11-12 before the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kisida to the country, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said at a briefing, Report informs.

US Secretary Austin and Secretary Blinken will co-host the 2023 US-Japan Security Consultative Committee meeting, January 11, with Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi and Japanese Defense Minister Hamada, at the Department of State in Washington, DC. The US and Japan will discuss the shared vision of a modernized alliance that will tackle 21st-century challenges in the Indo-Pacific and around the world.

Then on January 12, Secretary Austin will welcome Minister Hamada to the Pentagon for a bilateral meeting during which the leaders will reaffirm the strategic alignment between the United States and Japan, as well as the shared goals to modernize the Alliance, bolster integrated deterrence, and ensure a free and open Indo Pacific region in collaboration with like-minded partners.


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