Dutch military aid to Ukraine approaching €1 billion


The total value of military aid provided by the Netherlands to Ukraine has reached 987 million euros, Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren reported to the Tweede Kamer, Report informs, citing foreign media sources.

This includes 697 million euros in equipment, a military aid package of 120 million euros, and a contribution of 100 million euros that will be put into the International Fund for Ukraine.

In addition, the Netherlands is also contributing 25 million euros to a NATO fund for military support to the war-torn country. This fund is intended to pay for fuel, clothing, and medical supplies.

According to Ollongren, the large amount shows “how important it is to help Ukraine so that it doesn’t lose the war against Russia.” The end of that war, she said, is not yet in sight. Russia continues to carry out air strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure and energy supplies, even though it is now winter there.

“But Ukraine can hang on through aid,” the Defense Minister claimed.


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