Ukraine’s bid to join NATO not ‘fundamental issue,’ says EU foreign policy chief


Ukraine’s application to join NATO is not a “fundamental issue at the moment,” according to the EU’s foreign policy chief.

“The important thing is to continue military support to this country and sanctions against Russia, as has been done up to now,” Josep Borrell told Spanish state television RTVE on Saturday, a day after Kyiv applied for fast-tracked NATO accession.

During the interview, Borrell noted that the conflict in Ukraine was the first instance that the EU used its own funds to purchase and deliver arms to a country at war.

Accusing Russia’s president of snuffing out prospects of ending the war, Borrell said Vladimir Putin’s threats, including of nuclear war, must be taken seriously.

Amid the numerous EU sanctions and restrictions imposed on Russia over the war, including curbs on tourist visas, Borrell urged the bloc to “distinguish between those fleeing the war and tourists.”



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