Ukraine seeking Soviet-era weapons from Bulgaria: Envoy


Ukrainian ambassador says he sent formal request to Bulgarian Foreign Ministry last week.

Ukraine has asked Bulgaria for Soviet-era weapons to help in its ongoing fight against Russian forces, according to a Ukrainian diplomat.

Vitaly Moskalenko, Kyiv’s ambassador to Bulgaria, said he sent a formal request to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry last Friday.

“We need weapons. We are talking about howitzers and missile systems from the Soviet era, old weapons that we can handle,” he told Bulgarian news channel bTV on Monday.

The Bulgarian government has yet to respond to the request.

Moskalenko said he will keep contacting Bulgarian authorities, including the Defense Ministry, to expedite a possible agreement.

Some 80 Ukrainian tanks will also be repaired in Bulgaria, according to the diplomat.

He also thanked the Bulgarian government for its “exceptional empathy” toward Ukrainian refugees.



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