Ukraine says over 300 settlements in Kharkiv regained from Russian forces


Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said Tuesday that more than 300 settlements in the Kharkiv region were regained from Russian forces over the past week.

Hanna Maliar told reporters that an area of ​​some 3,800 square kilometers (1,467 square miles) has been recaptured. “More than 300 settlements and nearly 150,000 of our people have been liberated from the occupation, where they were actually held hostage.”

Maliar said counter-attacks against Russian forces in the region will continue until the Kharkiv region is completely recaptured.

According to Oleg Sinegubo, the Kharkiv military administration governor, 30% of the Kharkiv region was in the hands of Russian forces before a counter-attack launched by the Ukrainian army, and today, it is 15%.



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