Poland in talks to join NATO nuclear sharing program

Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency (AA)

Poland is in talks with the US about joining the NATO nuclear sharing program, said Polish President Andrzej Duda.

“There is always the opportunity to participate in nuclear sharing. We have spoken to US leaders about whether the US is considering such a possibility. The topic is open,” the president said in an interview to the daily Gazeta Polska.

NATO’s policy of nuclear deterrence allows members without nuclear weapons of their own to take part in the alliance’s planning group.

Of the three nuclear powers within NATO (France, the UK and the US), only the US undertakes nuclear sharing. Belgium, Germany and Italy are among the allies which have US nuclear weapons on their territory.

If the Kremlin started a nuclear war, those responsible would be “cursed all over the world,” Duda said. “The problem above all is that we don’t have nuclear weapons.”

The Polish president underlined that his country will continue to support Ukraine against Russia’s war.

“Poland will stand by Ukraine. Ukraine must defend itself and survive this war. We must bring about a situation in which Russia will have to withdraw its troops. Ukraine should return to its internationally recognized borders, before the Russian aggression in 2014,” Duda said.


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