Moldova could declare mobilization if clashes in Ukraine move near its borders: Minister


Moldova’s defense minister said Tuesday that the country could declare a mobilization if fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces moves toward its borders.

Some Russian missiles that were fired towards Ukraine passed over Moldovan territory, Anatolie Nosatyi said in an interview with the TVR Moldova television channel.

Underscoring that there is no guarantee that this will not happen again, Nosatyi urged Moldova’s Western partners, including NATO, to provide support for ensuring security in the country.

Asked to elaborate on whether a mobilization would be declared in Moldova, Nosatyi said: “For this scenario to play out, there needs to be some serious changes on the front line in Ukraine.”

“For example, if the fighting moves closer to our borders, if there are changes regarding migration to our country from Ukraine, or if we notice the mobilization of military units in the war zone, then it could happen,” he added.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said Monday that necessary precautions would be taken in case of Russia’s intervention against Moldova’s sovereignty and security.



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