French police search offices of Macron’s party


The search has been held at French President Emmanuel Macron’s office in Paris, Report informs, citing BFMTV.

The French police carried out the searches as part of a probe into Macron’s 2017 campaign finances by an American consulting firm. The searches were carried out at the request of the national financial prosecutor’s office in Paris. The party declared its readiness to provide any information that could be useful in this matter.

In November, prosecutors launched a probe into the president for suspecting that his 2017 presidential campaign was illegally funded by US consulting firm McKinsey.

First of all, they intend to investigate the links between Macron and McKinsey. The prosecutor will check whether favoritism and illegal campaign financing took place in this case, the channel reports.

Macron said he learned about the investigation from the media and added that the accounts of the 2017 campaign had already been checked multiple times and that no one had written or called him regarding the case.


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