3 Baltic states, Poland to restrict entry of Russian tourists

Photo Credit: Gov.pl

Three Baltic countries and Poland will restrict Russian tourists from entering Europe’s visa-free zone from Sept. 19.

At a press conference, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said together with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, “we want to put a significant limit on the entry of Russian citizens who want to travel for tourism purposes,” according to the country’s public broadcaster ERR on Thursday.

Kallas said that a number of restrictions will also be in place for truck drivers and diplomats, adding that one of the reasons for the restriction was security as Estonia cannot thoroughly check every arrival.

Also, calling on Russians not to come to Estonia, the country’s Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said: “You are not welcome here!”

The restrictions on Russian tourists will enter into force on Sept. 19, Reinsalu added.

The country’s Interior Ministry estimates that with this decision, the number of 400-500 Russian tourists coming every day will decrease to 100.


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