“US withdrawal from Afghanistan should be a lesson to Ukraine”

by Sami Burgaz
By Ulviye Filiyeva ERKEC

Taliban movement took over the administration in Afghanistan where the USA decided to withdraw. Yuriy Romanenko,  Head of the political program of Ukraine Future Institution, in his article in «Glavred» press, stated that he believe the US army withdrawal from Afghanistan is a warning to Ukrainian authorities.

In the same time National Interest Columnist Nicholas Gvozdev, described the situation in Afghanistan as an warning to countrys’ allies that is not member of NATO. According to Gvozdev, no matter how much the term «ally» is used in relation to Georgia and Ukraine in Washington, there is a distinction in the foreign policy of USA between countries allied to under a treaty. In 2012, Afghanistan determine to Washington as main ally except from NATO. Gvozdev was thinking in that time this country will play a major role to expand of the US effect. When the officially recognized government in Kabul held by Taliban in a few weeks, no body in USA talked about Afghanistan is an ally of United States.

In an interviews with the İzvetsia newspaper,  Nikolay Patrushev, secretary of Russia Security Council said that Ukraine going to break up and a situation that like in Afghanistan wait for it.

Patrushev said like this: «It is not possible to not talk about Ukraine where Washington brought loyalists to power. USA gives the weapons that not necessary for Americans itself to Ukraine, closing their eyes, actually the burgeoning neo-Nazism supports the growth of extremism, crime, drug trafficking, ethnic and sectarian conflicts. Accordint to his words, Kiev «serving impartially» to interests of overseas patrons to join NATO. Today a situation that like in Afghanistan wait also to pro-Americans in Ukraine. When the country that will govern by Neo-Nazis going to break up, The White House will not even remember the supporters in Kiev.

The last sentences of National Interest Columnist in article as an invitation to reconsider the strength of this cooperation for the countries that turned their backs on Russia allied with the West. «By observing events in Kabul, the administrations in Kiev, Tbilisi or Chisinau can ask a question to themselves like this: “Will it benefit for themselves to gain a common state status that non-member of NATO? »

On May 1, 2021 The withdrawal of USA and NATO troops officially started from Afghan lands. After that, the situation in the country got worse. The militants declared that they provide control in the across of Afghanistan on August 15. Behind this the former President Ashraf Ghani left the country.


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