A New China Strategy of the The United States


US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the US did serious mistakes in previous foreign policy. The USA believed that they could change the Chinese political system but this approach was wrong. Nowadays, the current government mentioned that “The main goal of America’s China policy is to create a circumstance in which two major powers are going to have to operate in an international system for the foreseeable future.” He added that the environment should be “more favourable to the interests and values of the US and its allies and partners.” This means that the USA realizes the old methods does not work and it is impossible to transform such a great state as China

This approach demonstrates a positive signal in the foreign policy of the USA. At the same time, we should not forget that the Democratic administration concentrates its attention on ideology a lot. The USA changed this policy not because of their respect towards China but because of their understanding that they accept a new geopolitical reality. They realize that the transformation of China is something that the US cannot achieve during our days.

Measures and Reactions of the USA

The USA would like to change the world and it is their basic political thinking which corresponds to its deep-rooted security concept. In other words, the USA has goals to change the systems and behaviours of other states. In addition, it connects with their conception of American exceptionality. The global dominance most is the important interest for the USA in order to eliminate all geopolitical competitors.

The Soviet Union collapsed this way during the Cold War with the USA. As a result, the US has dominated the world as the sole superpower and hegemon. Nevertheless, instead of becoming a partner of the US and the EU, Russia has been further attacked by the US because Russia is still too powerful and dangerous for the USA because of its largest strategic nuclear arsenal in the world.

Furthermore, Japan has been completely and forcefully westernized and has maintained USA military presence on its land from 1945. Its rapid economic rise last century shocked Washington, and Japan threat became another major concern of the American establishment. The US took action and cracked down on Japan’s competitiveness. This period of history tells people how much the US refuses to accept strategic challenges from the outside world.

Behind the US’ attempt to “transform China” is Washington’s consistent fear of the national cultures and values. The USA follows and supports globalization in order to get rid of all national habits and traditions. The unification will assist them to manage the planet.  This approach brings the cultural hegemony at the lowest cost.


Finally, the USA has become more frustrated with such a policy. It has especially lost confidence in achieving the purpose through its old strategy. The political elite in the US will not accept the Chinese system. They actually just acknowledged the reality that China’s system cannot be shaken externally, so they need to develop China-US relations, and the US should act also positively and reduce its political interference in China’s internal affairs. We should not forget also that the strong development of all countries will help them to increase their strategic essence and sustain global prosperity.


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