The US General – We will defend Taiwan if China attacks

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley said that one day ago that Chinese will not attack and intervene Taiwan for the next two years.

However, general also argued that the People’s Republic of China prepared the special programme of the military campaign and it happens openly and intensively in the inner part of the country. Nevertheless, according to him the US has the enough power to provide and sustain the defence of Taiwan. Moreover, Milley claims that there should not be any doubts about the American capacity to protect own allies and the presence of the USA is the main guarantee that the East Asia stays stable. In addition, he said that the Chinese government understands this reality much better than the other regional states.

The US Defense Department released its annual China Military Power Report alleging that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the third the most powerful military force after the USA army and the Russian army in the world. Chinese leadership has goals to develop the capability to counter the US military in the Indo-Pacific region, and press Taiwan’s leadership to the negotiating table on Beijing’s terms untill 2025.” Furthermore, China actively developed and modified also its strategic nuclear arsenal and intercontinental ballistic missiles in order to feel itself confident during the negotiations with the nuclear powers such as the USA and the Russian Federation. 

Measure and Reactions

On the other hands, not all American politicians support the tough style of the relationship and communication with China and they consider it is as the inefficient policy. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, recommended the current Biden administration to concentrate attention around the soft power because the demonstration of the military power will increase the chaos in this region and it directly affects the global stability. The East Asia is the significant place in term of geo-economic meaning and all the geopolitical actors including the great power should be attentive. “I think probably less ambiguity is better than more ambiguity”. There has been a heated discussion in the US about the importance of Taiwan and its connection with the global security. For example, US media underline if the USA does not clarify its strategy towards Taiwan and it will be the second geopolitical catastrophe of the USA after Afghanistan in this year. 

American political elites understand that Taiwan may not alone to organize the long-term defence against the Chinese forces and only the possibility of the participation from the USA is the main barrier for reunification island with the continental China. Authorities of Taiwan military forces may fight alone until the end but it will not change the outcome and the result will be the same.


Nonetheless, it is increasingly unlikely for the US military to have a desire to begin bloody war with China because of Taiwan. And even if the US begins to deploy a great number of soldiers and national resources in Taiwan, it has become less and less confident about the fast victory. Thus, discussions in the US on its responsibility to “defend Taiwan is only talk, as the resources to support Washington’s determination are limited. If the US wants to scare the China, it will become the reason of the nuclear war, because another nuclear power Russia wills indirectly support China against Taiwan secessionists. Finally, the military contrast between the US and Chinese military power today is not what it was 20 years ago.


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