Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan


The head of Chinese diplomacy, Minister Wang Yi arrived with working visit in Kabul. He met with the representatives of Taliban government and had the dialogue the foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki.

While the United States of America and NATO completely bogged down into the Ukrainian conflict, and forget about the other regions, Beijing decided to make a throw to Kabul and reaching final agreements with the Taliban.

Therefore, this moment is very favorable for China because the West powers do not intend to improve relations with the Taliban until it fulfills their wishes, the wishes of Washington and Brussels. Kabul left alone with its humanitarian catastrophe. For that reason, China will start implementation of their economic projects now in Afghanistan in order to receive the all necessary profit. China will dominate economically in reign and Washington and Moscow will stay out of game.

Thus, the Americans and Europeans clearly pretended that after their fast withdrawal from Kabul, the old Afghanistan will not exist anymore.  All activities are none of their control in Afghanistan. However, this did not prevent them from grabbing half of the Afghan financial assets that stored in the United States. They follow their traditional policy and do not care really about the humanitarian problems of the native civilian population including the children.

The most important point, Washington does not care also about neighbors of Afghanistan in the region and how this humanitarian crisis will affect their economy. Beijing and Tashkent created the appropriate conceptions and offered Kabul a road map and productive strategy for the full and real reconstruction of the Afghan economy and Taliban were truly delighted for this assistance. But it is necessary to clarify all details and begin work and the Taliban will warmly welcome this work. It remains very essential factor for the Taliban because they need the economic help in every possible way for struggling with the humanitarian crisis.

Moreover, Beijing has primary interest in Afghanistan and it is the development of the Ainak copper mine east of Kabul and China won a tender for Jiangxi Copper and the Metallurgical Corporation in 2007. The sad fact, it was not possible for China to implement it due to the active opposition of the Americans.

The Chinese took over the copper deposit Ainak and this factor politically disappeared, and the world’s second largest deposit of copper ore, the explored and recoverable reserves estimated at 11 million tons will work for the Chinese economy and the Afghan national budget.

A similar situation developing with oil and gas fields in the Amudarya river basin between borders with Uzbekistan and it will become the object of development of a joint Uzbek-Chinese concession.

The traditional great game suddenly and drastically changed its old format in Central Asia. Early, earlier if it viewed as a big confrontation between Russia and the Anglo-Saxon world, now it is place with the presence for the new  geopolitical actors such Iran, China, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan, as well as – we see the multipolar order in the region and it becomes more noticeable in the Central Asia.


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