China says interim Afghan gov’t necessary to restore domestic order

Foreign Ministry spokesman says Beijing hopes for ‘open, inclusive’ set up in Afghanistan

ANKARA (AA) – A day after the Taliban announced an interim government in Afghanistan, China said it regards the development as a “necessary step in restoring domestic order and post-war reconstruction.”

Addressing a regular press briefing in Beijing on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: “China attaches importance to the Afghan Taliban’s announcement of the new interim government.”

Although he did not say if the temporary set up will be recognized by Beijing, he reiterated that China hopes Afghanistan will form “an open and inclusive government, resolutely combat terrorist forces, and keep good ties with its neighbors.”

Earlier, the group, which took power in Afghanistan three weeks ago, said China will be its “main partner” and help rebuild the country.

China had also expressed willingness for “friendly cooperation” with Afghanistan, saying one should wait for the establishment of a government to decide on recognition.

The Taliban on Tuesday announced a 33-member interim Cabinet headed by Mullah Hasan Akhund, expressing hope that it will be recognized by the international community, particularly the Muslim world and neighboring countries.

The spokesman also criticized the US, which withdrew its forces from Afghanistan after a 20-year-involvement on Aug. 30.

“What the US did in Afghanistan over the past two decades is a textbook example of the consequences of wantonly launching military intervention and imposing one’s own ideology & values on others,” he said.

“Afghanistan is now turning a new page in history. It’s imperative for the international community to ponder how to avoid repeating the tragedy in Afghanistan.”


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